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                            Omni Martial Arts, Originally Established in 2006, United Kingdom.


About Omni Martial Arts

Omni Martial Arts is a mix of many martial arts styles, taking only the most effective parts and concepts from each. Its main core is based on Korean Style Kickboxing mixed with Brazilian Style Ground Fighting, to cover both the main areas of a fight.  There are many parts of other styles mixed in there too, the theory that most styles specialise on one area of a fight but are weak when the circumstances change. 

Most real fights are over in seconds, and not usually spectacular like the Bruce Lee movies.  They are are quick and messy, and normally end up on the floor.  This is why we believe its important to know how to defend yourself whether standing or grounded. A lifelong champion kickboxer can be deadly on his feet but if knocked down is almost defenceless.

At Omni we prefer not to spend time learning fancy patterns and combinations which look great at demos, but more focused on getting down to business and practising only the techniques proven to work in a fight scenario.  If it does not work well during our sparring, its scrapped. Likewise we are ever evolving too, any new techniques the club learns are integrated, we do no follow strict syllabuses which can be very limiting in other traditional styles.

Each style has its merits and pitfalls, and we like to try take the best from each.

Traditional Martial Arts

Martial Arts are combat systems originally designed for war.  There are many styles from all over the world, and each one was designed for specific time and place.  For example in Brazil the peasants were not allowed to learn to fight in case of uprising, so they disguised their fighting style with a dance known as Capoeira.  Likewise Korean Taekwondo has many fantastic flying kicks, which were designed to take down the soldiers on horseback. Some of the techniques are now redundant for modern day self defence, and it is arguable this time could be used learning more relevant techniques from other disciplines.

Mixed Martial Arts

 Mixed Martial Arts was introduced most popularly by the first Ultimate Fighting Championships, where the Gracie family showed the world that brutal kicks and punches were not simply the answer.  Over time it has been proven over and over the best fighters are those that mix the styles.  The sad thing is that with the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) it has brought a 'king of the cage' attitude and much of the respect for other fighters has been lost.

Omni Martial Arts

At Omni Martial Arts we try to bring the mix between the old and the new.  The effectiveness of mixing the styles, but keeping the friendly and respectful training attitude within the gym.  We are not interested in who is the hardest fighter in the training room, but look for members who like to work together to create a great learning atmosphere.  If you would like to get fit and improve your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones, but would
also like to enjoy yourself without a class of full of ego, then please get in contact....


...we look forward to training with you!

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