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 Omni Martial Arts fight in the MAAS Competition '09!

On Saturday 13th June a brave group from the Omni Team went up north to represent us in the C-Class Kickboxing and Jujitsu Tournament held by the 'Martial Arts All Styles' organisation. It was a nerve racking time for them as it was many of their first times in front of a crowd, but with a little encouragement they showed what we were made of!

Ben, Tony, Will, Mike, and Daniel fought with determination and great respect for the opponent, and all the while special thanks to Sandra for being an amazing help during the day.  I have been told that my students were very impressive and have some (if not all) premotions to B-Class! Looking forward to the next competition... watch this space!

Daniel (above) is first up for Omni Team, he holds strong and does us proud.

Will fights well after being matched with a heavier and taller opponent, here pictured excuting a side kick to mid-section.

Mike here working for a triangle against the blackbelt opposition, he had to wear the replacement all white suit due to the competition rules.

Ben arguably had the toughest opponent on the day, but fought admirably and here pictured with a nicely timed counter punch.

Tony had a very skillful fight, here landing a perfectly timed turning kick to the head.  I am a very proud coach, and looking forward to developing all the guys for the next level!




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