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New Joiners Guide!

1) Joining is free.

2) Club Membership including Insurance is £15 p/m.

3) Thats it. Once you have returned your forms and we recieve your first payment the club will pay for your free training top!

4) You may also wish to get some training gear, and for a discount you can choose an Equipment Pack:

a) Essentials Equipment Pack: Includes training trousers, basic gum shield, and basic groin guard. You pay just £15 (see left column below for pics).

b) Complete Equipment Pack: As Essentials Pack above but also with grapple/strike gloves and sparring boots - everything you need. You pay just £30 (again see left column below for pics).

You may instead choose to ignore the packs and buy any items separately (ask instructor for current price) but it will work out more expensive that way. For example the sparring boots and grapple/strike gloves you get above retail at 25 on their own!

Pack upgrades:

If you do choose to get a Pack you can use the grid below to upgrade some of the items on the left column to the middle premium column, at the price of the right column. Note, the shorts at bottom only replace the trousers, as you already have recieved the training top free from the club in both cases.

Any further questions please feel free to ask.

 basic_gumshield  shock_doctor_gum  +5
 spirit_groin  rogue_groin  +5
 spirit_gloves  evo_gloves  +15
 spirit_boots    n/a
 uniform  evo_shorts  +15

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